After having spent 3 decades in the field, we persistently grow from strength to strength.



Mr. O.P Dangayach, with his three sons, Ashish Dangayach, Yatish Dangayach and Tarun Dangayach, has worked for over 3 decades, taking the company from a solely handled business to a large multinational.

Having over 600 employees and being present in every continent, we are believers in ethical practices and take pride in the fact that we are widely known for our integrity. Even after 30 years, we continue to grow, learn and expand our business and industry. We are involved the mass market, opening price point jewelery pieces for department stores to exclusive high-end pieces in colored diamonds and fine precious gemstones. With our state of the art factory in China and fine lapidary in Jaipur, where our 8000 active SKUs are created, we manufacture jewelry and polish gemstones. We have offices in all the leading hubs of the world, like New York, Dubai and Hong Kong, where we supply to our 2000 active clients globally, including Departmental stores, TV shopping networks, chain stores, high-end independent stores, etc. You can find our stands at the leading shows and expos across the world, like Basel World and Hong Kong September show, where we would be happy to be of service to you.